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Saturday, June 4, 2011

These are My People

I have been to a number of Comic Cons over the years, but I generally only went for a day.  Why just a day?  Being a dad, or being busy working in IT, that was part of it.  I think mostly having to justify the money for myself and the kids.  I told myself one day was fine, I did not need more than that…..right!!! I of course was lying to myself.

So, when the Con was in town, I would pick a day, round up the kids and head over to the Convention Center.  I always bought tickets the day of, and went in to the show.  I saw as much as I could with the kids in tow, but I always wanted more.  I would see the videos of the panels on G4 or the on the Internet, and secretly wanted to attend some of them.  How could I though; waiting in a line for maybe hours for a panel was a lot to ask of my boys, so I just skipped them, regretting it every time,

Then it happened; Comic Con was sold out.  I could no longer just show up and get tickets.  I tried to tell myself it didn’t matter.   I had other things to do, and it would save us money.  One of my brothers was more into it that I was, and he still kept going though.  He would buy his passes way ahead of time and never had to worry about being left out.

After a few years of not attending, seeing Comic Con come and go made me sad.  I would read about it in the newspaper and on the net, and I longed for it.  But, why was I so drawn to it?  I tried to tell myself I did not need it and that I needed to “Grow Up”.  My brother still went and he would take one of my sons Rick to Comic Con.  Rick would always come back with stories of the Con and how much fun he had.  I would be happy for him, but it would kill me inside.

So, after a few years, I decided I could not wait any longer, The Con was in town and I would get in one way or another.  My brother, who lost a leg in an accident years earlier, attended in a wheelchair.  He said that I could get in to The Con by being his attendant and pushing him around.  I jumped at the chance and I attended the last day that year, on Sunday. 

It cannot tell you the euphoria I felt being at the show again.  I drank it tall in.  The costumes, the artists, the video games, the movies, the giveaways, it was great!!!  I was so happy and alive.  I tried to understand my emotions, but could not explain it.  What was it about Comic Con that made me feel this way? 

I then looked around got my answer.  Take away the vendors, take away the glitz, take away the studios, take away the booths and what did you have? People.    I looked into the faces of everyone around me. They were young and old, men and women, students and professionals.  Many were in costume but everyone has a look, they were all bonded by something I can’t explain.  All I knew was that being there was like being home again. And then I finally got it. I was happy because ”These are My People”

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