ComicCon Countdown

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Less then 52 Days Away!!!

I have a four day pass to Comic Con and that includes "Preview Night" and I can't wait.  Being from San Diego, I wanted to set up a place all fans of "The Con" could get together and chat.

First of all, I can't believe how big this event has become.  I remember going to Comic Con as a kid and I remember it being a bunch of guys selling comic books at the Community Concourse.  Now, it is the biggest event in San Diego, for that matter So Cal, other than maybe the Academy awards.

Currently, I am thinking of dressing up at least a few days.  I am thinking maybe a Harry Potter costume one day, and a Star Wars costume another.  This is only if my wife decides to let me dress up...I like my chances.

So, in total I have three 4-Day Passes for two of my sons and I.  I also have a Friday and Saturday pass for my wife who attended her first Comic Con last year (now a converted Fangirl).  Of course I took some vacation days from work so I could attend all the panels and spend as much time at The Con as possible. 

I am hoping there are other fans out there who share my enthusiasm for Comic Con and want to talk about it.  If you are from out of town and need some info, stay tuned.  I have the inside scoop on everything you need to know about San Diego.

I think this is a good start, C-U L8tr.